We take on four or five weddings a year.  This means they stay fresh and fun, and we can dedicate the time to treat each one like its own project.  We’ll scout locations, do test shoots, and work out when we need to be where before the big day arrives.

It also means we shoot from start to finish. No time limits on the day.  We’re there to get everything.

We like to do an engagement shoot, but ours are a bit different. We ask you to pick an activity that you’ve always wanted to do, then we come with you and shoot it. You get great images of you doing something fun, and we all get to know each other a whole lot better.

We’ll want to come to your rehearsal and meet your family. This gives us an idea of how things will run, but more importantly people are a lot more comfortable on the wedding day if they know the name of the person pointing a camera at them.  And that’s really important to us.

On the day we’ll shoot candids of all the magic, then once the dancing starts we’ll set up a light and shoot portraits of as many people as we can. We chat with people while we shoot, so it’s a well-lit candid shot of your friends and loved ones being themselves - not a posed portrait of them feeling awkward. BTW, this is the portrait style we use in our Portrait Guestbooks. 

As soon as the festivities finish, we’ll get everything backed up and secured using our top secret system of redundant backups in separate locations, alarm systems, and four sleepy (but tough looking) cats.

From there we’ll take some time to sort the best images and apply some gentle post production to add the finishing touch. You then get the choice of either digital files, or digital files and an amazing 12”x14” coffee table book with 300 pages of you and your favourite people having the best day of your lives.  It’s 8lbs of joy that never needs a diaper change.


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