Tom & Erin

We were introduced to Adam and Kev through our wedding planner, and we’re so happy that we were. We were very clear in what we were looking for in our wedding photographers, and it didn’t involve jumping off logs or peeking out at each other from behind trees. We wanted to capture the feeling of the day, our guests at their best, and to be able to look through our photos in years to come and not cringe at anything cheesy. We got all that and more.

Years later our guests still tell us how much fun they had during the portrait sessions, and it’s so wonderful to be able to flip through the pictures of our friends and family looking so happy. Part of our brief was to capture as many candid photos as possible and the guys more than delivered on this. It’s so easy to relive each moment of the day just by flipping through our photo book. A photo book which Adam and Kev put together for us. It’s beautiful. My husband and I are both far too lazy to have completed something as epic as the book they made for us. We’ve eternally grateful that they put in the effort and pain in compiling it so that we didn’t have to.

Adam and Kev are not only fantastic at what they do, but they’re also great guys. To be honest, they felt more like friends and guests with cameras than stuffy photographers who make people uncomfortable. They’ve since become friends and we couldn’t be happier about it. Adam also met his wife at our wedding. Top that. We were expecting his baby to be named either Erin or Tom, but Crosby is pretty darn cute too.

Hiring these guys is one of the easiest decisions you’ll make. Beautiful photography that captures you looking great and your guests having a blast. What more could you want?
— Tom & Erin

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