portrait guestbooks

If you’ve already found the wedding photographer of your dreams (or you just don’t like the cut of our jib), we also offer our Portrait Guestbook.

While you’re enjoying dinner and speeches on your big day, we’ll set up a small portrait area that uses the venue and your décor as the background.  Once the dancing starts, we’ll start shooting portraits of everyone.  Each person (or couple, or trio) we shoot will be given a card on which they’ll write a note to the happy couple (that’s you).

We’ll collect the cards, and shoot each one amongst some of the wedding décor.  We’ll then pair each card with the portrait of the person who wrote it, and make a guestbook like no other – a happy note to you on one page, the smiling face of the person who wrote it on the other.

Our aim is to get an interesting shot of each person, so we chat with them and ask them questions. Some are funny, some confusing, others are deep (kind of) and a select few are on the riskier side. Don’t worry, after the first ten seconds we’ve got a pretty good handle on how far down the rabbit hole we can go.

We then send you a grid of all the portraits (great for social media), and a gallery for your guests where anyone can download their print resolution image file (great for printing, and let’s be honest, social media).

We also offer on-site printing, so your guests can leave with a 4x6 print of their shot (ready 15 minutes or so after we’ve shot them).


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