Jess + chris

JUNE 2016

Boy are we thrilled we stumbled upon Adam and Kev a couple months before our wedding!! Both Chris and I love photobooths at weddings, but since we are right at that age where weddings take up most of your free summer weekends, we really wanted something a bit more original than the typical wedding photobooth. On top of that we couldn’t really come up with a great guestbook idea either! When I came across Adam and Kev on instagram I actually thought (and still do think) it was meant to be. I instantly thought “this is the best idea ever! How original! How fun! A candid photobooth and a guestbook in one”. If you look at any of their posts it’s hard not to fall in love with the truly candid and genuine happy shots they capture. It wasn’t hard to convince Chris that Adam and Kev were the way forward and the answer to our photo booth/ guestbook quandary! Once we heard they could swing our wedding a true relationship blossomed! These two are fantastic, truly awesome guys that will only add to your wedding!

Kev, I still don’t know where you get your material from but boy did you have everyone laughing!

We really wanted our guests to add something to our bucket list in their notes to us (that go along side the portrait photos in the book) and Adam and Kev were happy to accommodate this for us. We can’t say enough about them or their product (which I look at probably more times than is actually healthy -our portrait guestbook that is! The book!). The rave reviews we got about them at our wedding are still coming in and everyone loved their pictures. When in doubt - go with the Adam and Kev portrait guest book! You can’t go wrong, you won’t regret it and your guests will love it!
— Jessica


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