Doug & Denise

"We can't stress enough: they are so much more than a couple of dudes with a booth and some goofy props"

During the wedding planning process, Denise and I flip-flopped on all kinds of decisions. Whether it was food, flowers, DJ, or table arrangements, we kept choosing one thing and then changing our minds because we were afraid to make the wrong choice. One obstacle we kept coming up against was choosing some kind of photo booth. The issue wasn’t that there weren’t any good choices - there are PLENTY around town - but we kept thinking, “Are people really still into photo booths?” We were prepared to do the norm, but neither of us were truly excited about doing the typical photo booth thing.

One day, our planner happened to mention Adam and Kev to us. She showed us a sample book that they had recently done and that was probably the most excited we got about any of the vendors we had met or heard about. We hired them without hesitation and can’t bear to imagine how different it would have been if we hadn’t. We can’t stress enough: they are so much more than a couple of dudes with a booth and some goofy props. This was an experience that we are so glad to have shared with our friends and family.

In one of the few moments I allowed myself to stop and enjoy the wedding reception, I stood near Adam as conversed freely and inquisitively with a group of our wedding guests. He leaned forward and whispered something, then they all burst out laughing. Off went the flash and the moment was captured forever. This was the scene all night, with people coming up to us asking, “Where did you find these guys? They’re hilarious!” They had never seen anything like it. They were excited, intrigued, which was such a great relief to us.

For anyone reading this and considering hiring Adam and Kev: this will be one of the best decisions you will make for your wedding. There is not one facet of our dealings that have not exceeded expectations. They were an absolute hit with our guests, we love the compilation book, and Adam has always been prompt and courteous in his emails. Hire them, be amazed, and you too will gush about them to everyone you know.
— Doug & Denise 2016

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