Christina & Wei

We weren’t really looking for wedding photographers. We were looking for seriously kick-ass people who just happen to be amazing photographers as well. We knew Adam and Kev were our guys from the moment we met them. Our wedding took place on a remote island and spanned an entire weekend, during which Adam and Kev stayed with us the entire time. It was important to them (and to us) that they got to know the people in front of their cameras. When you look at our wedding photos, you won’t find softly lit photos of my shoes, or shots of our wedding bands positioned “just so”. Our photos captured real moments, real people, and the images are as vibrant and candid as the people in them. These guys are always up for a challenge: we did our engagement shoot at 4AM in the middle of a bridge in downtown Vancouver, and our wedding ceremony took place on a cliff! We are reminded of their phenomenal talent and dedication each time we look at our photos. Thanks, Adam and Kev!!
— Christina Yang & Wei-Qiao Liu

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