Beth + Peter

JUNE 2016

Having Adam and Kev Photography do guest portraits at our wedding was one of the best decisions we made. So often wedding photography pares down to a series of samey glamour shots of the bridal party and immediate family, so we hired Adam and Kev to do something different. For one special evening, we had all the people we love most in one room, and Adam and Kev captured them all exactly as they were—happy, natural and engaged in the moment.

We were also thrilled to find that the photographers also served as entertainment, breaking the ice and getting people in an open, talkative, celebratory frame of mind. Everyone told us that they really enjoyed the experience, especially the questions that Adam asked, which ranged from fun and silly for some of our more reserved guests (i.e. grandparents) to totally crazy and raunchy for the less reserved (i.e. our friends).”

Most importantly, though, we now find ourselves constantly going back to look at the pictures and re-live those moments. Our parents feel the same, and have already ordered four additional photobooks to give to family members as mementos (and counting!).
— Peter


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