Ashley & Steven

We both remember all of the planning in the months leading up to our wedding. Location, ceremony, food, and music were coming together nicely, but we couldn’t decide what reception entertainment we should provide our guests, if any. We wanted something nice for our family and friends, but we were scared of providing something that would fall flat or be entirely forgettable. I even reached the point where I was quite willing to not have anything, but Ash convinced me that we should hire Adam and Kev to do reception portraits and create a photo guestbook – I have a smart wife.

We went with Adam and Kev and never looked back. Our wedding day became one of the most amazing days in our lives and Adam and Kev helped make the day so special. They helped create a light, fun, and positive energy that we, and our guests, absolutely loved. They also captured the joy and excitement shown by all of our friends and family in beautiful (and hilarious) portraits, in addition to creating an awesome guestbook that we cherish.

In the days and months following the wedding, so many of our guests made a special point of saying to us how much they loved the portrait booth, the hilarious guys running it, and the incredible portraits they received from us as a thank you present. We’ve even seen framed copies of some of these portraits in our friends’ homes! We also have the gorgeous guestbook that Adam and Kev made us with portraits and notes from our guests on our coffee table. Our friends and family are instantly drawn to the guestbook when they visit us, and they inevitably pick it up, flip through it, and, for a moment, we are all taken back to that wonderful day.
— Stephen and Ashley Married October 18th, 2014


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